Resort Municipality of Whistler: Village neighbourhood signage program.

Acknowledgements: Hapa Collaborative and Three Dimensional Services Inc.

  • Brand Innovation
  • Environmental and Signage
  • Graphic Systems


Whistler Village Neighbourhood Improvements. Dennis Boyle partnered with landscape architect, Hapa Collaborative and Three Dimensional Services Inc. to create and conceptualize a wayfinding and placemaking experience based on a system of Portals and Banners for Whistler Village. The system design utilizes new materials, form, colour, imagery, and wordmarks to visually communicate ‘what Whistler is about’ while introducing ten new neighbourhood names within the Village.

The new ‘kit of parts’ approach includes large and small Portals at key Village entry points, as well as banners for lightpoles in the Village. Together, these components create a consistent graphic language to enhance connectivity, sense of place, and overall experience within the Whistler Village.