Ratio Architecture and Interior Design: Office entrance design and evolving a brand narrative.

Acknowledgements: Tina Krueger Kulic: Photography; Peregrine: Fabrication and Installation

  • Brand Innovation
  • Copywriting
  • Environmental and Signage
  • Graphic Systems
  • Typography


A new office entrance experience was required for the firm’s new space. The objective was to develop a visual choreography of all panels, and create a new experience for how the person enters and moves through the space. We also had to create a privacy panel, without forgoing the translucent feel of the overall space.

Designed for arriving new clients, visitors, and the firm’s employees, a customized visual system was developed which included orientation graphics and a feature wall which also serves as a privacy area for employees.

The overall design considers the visitor’s experience from the elevator, to when they leave Ratio’s office. Building on the firm’s existing visual identity, the end product deepens the Ratio brand narrative and story, while also introducing contextual and interpretive typography. A new, first experience and first impression to Ratio was achieved.


Dennis Boyle captured the essence of the RATIO brand for our new office entry way. Our glass panels provided an opportunity to develop a cohesive visual experience. Both visually arresting and practical, our entry way reinforces our brand through colour, logo marks and distinctive typographical treatment.

Christopher Pollard
Principal, RATIO Architecture,
Interior Design + Planning.