Acknowledgements: Sébastien Panouille – Ombrages Lighting; Pattison Sign Group; Ema Peter Photography.

  • Environmental and Signage


MASC Skincare is a Dragons’ Den success story. Building on their achievements from being on ‘the Den’, MASC was looking to further grow and advance their niche business by rebranding the company and developing a more prominent retail and storefront experience for their clientele.

Wanting to carry some of the previous (MASC) era and culture forward, a bold, new wordmark was developed to represent the chic store that caters only to men. An evolved colour system was prepared and an easily identifiable kit-of-parts was designed to serve the company’s on and offline brand experience. Print collateral, a transformed e-commerce / storefront website, as well as a new retail bag system were designed to serve and grow the MASC customer experience. A key ingredient to the business’ recent success, and its increase in foot-traffic, is the new outdoor and indoor signage identity. By strategically utilizing the back wall of the store, in combination with a new, customized in-store lighting system, the store is now remarkably more visible for the passerby and customer.


We wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for your vision and guidance during the multiple phases of our rebrand. While the value of overhauling an established brand can seem intangible at the onset, your thorough documentation of the project kept us reassured throughout the process and we are more than happy with the end result. We have noticed immediate positive changes and consider it money well spent. We were particularly pleased with your hands-on approach and your willingness to work with the various vendors we where dealing with to ensure projects were executed on time and to our exacting standards, all while ensuring the best possible price for us.

Jamie Beuthin, Owner