Acknowledgements: Rainer Müller, Colin Milner and Louisa Flinn. Also: Victoria Bushnel, Janis Tong, Liane Walker, Michael Macintyre, Carla Ullrich, Brett Duzita, Anna Louie, Malcolm McCutcheon, Mahla Balicki, Ryan Ma.

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Guidelines
  • Visual Identity
  • Website Design


Lifetime Daily, a new online media company, required both a visual identity and system, as well as digital art direction for its ongoing and ‘daily-feed-publication’ of relevant and contextual content.

Unlike other larger ‘hub’ sites, Lifetime Daily is exclusively for the 55+ age group. The aim for its new visual identity was to covey empowerment, affirmation and the satisfactory ’emotions’ associated with the completing of tasks, and the learning of new and up-to-date information relevant to mature adults. Additionally, Lifetime is an online publication where the content is carefully curated and written with a fresh perspective. As such, the new mark (and website) would aim to communicate ‘trust’ for the website visitor. Additionally, comprehensive screen and publication standards were designed to serve the digital strategy, and the editorial and web development teams.

The new visual identity system provides Lifetime with a unique and welcoming feeling and has been well-received by the discerning audience; the new identity has injected immediate value into the upcoming online company. ‘To date, there has been no comprehensive resource to meet the needs of the burgeoning 55+ population. We believe that as we grow older, life should keep getting better. Lifetime Daily was created to help you do just that.’



Dennis Boyle is an exquisite designer and highly innovative thinker. He has a flair for innovative and brilliant designs that truly reflect the needs and desires of the intended audience. He is meticulous and thoughtful and truly sees design from every angle and possibility. I have worked with Dennis on Island Savings Credit Union for their brand transformation, Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities (PARC) for their brand relaunch, and the brand launch for Lifetime Daily. I would highly recommend Dennis for creative brand strategy and execution.

Louisa Flinn, VP Sales & Marketing
PARC Retirement Living