iconstrux architects: a translucent mark for an opaque sounding name.

Acknowledgements: Rhonda Lee and Kim Endo

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Graphic Systems
  • Visual Identity
  • Website Design


Lead by two accomplished professionals, Iconstrux was a progressive architecture firm that required new brand identity. A duality emerged in the analysis component of the project: how to communicate a heavy and industrial-sounding word that was intended to infer transparent architecture and process – the Iconstrux identity had to be seen and experienced differently from how it was heard.

A compelling visual relationship between two consonants surfaced – the 2 letters also expressed the structural and pragmatic with the experimental and emotional. Executing this logic with translucent typography allowed the mark to appear softer than it sounded, while delivering an engaging brand mark.


Both Arno and I are very pleased with the product and have been receiving good feedback from our ‘fans’. We are so glad that we had you to create the branding for us and hope that it will bring us the attention and recognition in the industry both locally and internationally. Of course, we will have to perform twice as hard to maintain the image of the ‘pluses and the kisses”! Thank you again.


Chris A.Doray, Former Principal
Iconstrux Architecture Ltd