GDC: the brand online & new tools for Canadian Graphic Designers.

Acknowledgements: John Ngan, CGD and Adrian Jean, CGD

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Website Design


The Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) is Canada’s national professional graphic design association and the national certifying body. After a Canada-wide RFP process, Dennis Boyle and John Ngan were selected as the design team that would execute the association’s new brand platform.

With close to 50 years tied to the previous logomark, and requiring to nationally represent the profession of graphic design and its members, the new mark would require a carefully thought out vision and articulation. A bold and compelling letter mark was developed and presented to the discerning Client and its audience. The new mark is suggestive of a nation-wide community,  provides reference to elements in the Canadian flag, and infers the process of professional and creative communications. Leveraging from the new mark, a new stand-alone logomark was additionally adopted for the country’s professional designation: Certified Graphic Designer – CGD.

With approval of the new mark and overall visual identity, the professional organization required a new website that’s primary function would be the frequent publishing of new content – nation-wide. It would also serve as the primary recruitment tool for new professional members and promoting Canada’s professional designation for graphic design – CGD.  New information architecture was prepared for the vast content and a new interface was designed to serve the new brand. This, all accommodating the multiple audiences and executive team that would both visit and author the website.
Applied Arts Magazine – Applied Arts Wire
GDC brand mark and article published online — 2014


On behalf of the Graphic Designers of Canada, thank you for your extraordinary work with the new GDC identity. Designing an identity for a 50 plus year old organization is a monumental task. Doing so for an organization whose purpose is to represent graphic designers across Canada, is an even larger challenge. Despite all this and other unanticipated challenges along the way, the development and results were both strategic and considered. We are very pleased with the outcome.

Melanie McDonald, Executive Director
Graphic Designers of Canada