Fast+Epp: Deliberate subtlety – A reinvented online presence, positioning the firm for its international growth.

Acknowledgements: Fast+Epp Structural Engineers, Peter Jubb, Christina Lauer, Lance Cummings

  • Brand Innovation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Client & Market Survey
  • Digital Guidelines
  • Information Architecture
  • Website Design


Fast+Epp is an internationally recognized structural engineering firm. They are multi-award-winning with a spectacular portfolio of work. With its international expansion into the U.S. and European markets, the firm required a new online presence and strategy to position itself as an international player.

While the firm is a conspicuous contributor to the structural engineering space, the brand is not ostentatious or loud in its delivery. Rather, its competence and professionalism are communicated with deliberate subtlety. Given the creative approach it takes with its architectural projects, the design vision for the Fast+Epp website was to showcase the firm and its spectacular portfolio of work with a spacious, gallery-like feel. Each page section and project is visually dense in imagery, but uncluttered in delivery. Each section has a progressive disclosure of information and the platform uses a scalable design framework with a specific number of templates.

Functionality was also introduced to accommodate the European (German) head office, and also to accelerate the ability in selecting talent for the growing firm. A sub-site was also created to showcase the firm’s web-app technology – The Concept Lab.



Dennis has been involved with our firm for nearly 10 years and brought that brand knowledge to our website re-build project. His insightfulness into our firm, our values, and our digital marketing goals made for a wonderful design process and a site that we’re very proud of. I’d highly recommend Dennis and his team for clean and thoughtful digital design.

Robert Jackson, P.Eng., P.E. | Associate
Fast + Epp Structural Engineers