City of Vancouver: Cambie Street Corridor Neighbourhood identity Signage Program.

Photography Acknowledgements: Ryan Lange, Nicole Honeywill, Michal Wichrzynski, Patrick Connor Klopf, Chris Abney, Louis Lo, Luca Campioni, Med Badr Chemmaoui.

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Innovation
  • Environmental and Signage
  • Graphic Systems
  • Logomark Design


The vision for the Cambie Corridor public realm is to celebrate and reinforce Cambie Street’s unique character, its existing, expansive Heritage Boulevard, define distinct neighbourhoods along its length, and enhance east-west connections to open spaces and parks.

Dennis Boyle was selected to design a customized program that would combine wayfinding and neighbourhood identity graphics. By introducing functional and aesthetic purpose to the design, a new visual narrative for wayfinding and Cambie Street’s South Vancouver neighbourhoods would be experienced by the cyclist, the pedestrian, and the public.

After an extensive and contextual study of the communication challenge, and a conceptual exploration of graphic mark-making, a visual system and kit-of-parts emerged for the Corridor. The system included a customized treatment of typography, a colour system, a suite of sign types, and neighbourhood identity graphics. The new program is a ‘moving narrative’ experience for the cyclist as they travel up and down the 8km Corridor.

Taking careful consideration for how the overall system would be implemented by the City, a comprehensive graphic and implementation standards was also prepared.


Jessie and I wanted to let you know that everyone was very enthusiastic and excited about the Cambie Street Corridor Identity that you’ve designed for the City. Several Councillors commented specifically on their support for it, and the public has also been exceptionally supportive. Thank you again for your work on the Cambie Street Corridor project.

Josh Cairns, Planner I | Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability | Vancouver South Division
City of Vancouver


The work produced for the Cambie Street identity fully captured our expectations and was a creative response to a complex project. Our team thoroughly enjoyed working with Dennis and the work produced was high quality, on time and on budget. The final product was integrated into the Cambie Corridor Public Realm Plan which was unanimously approved by City Council in April 2018. Community members and Councilors specifically commended the creativity and the aspect of fun that the identity work brought to the project. Our staff team would highly recommend Dennis for future projects and to others looking for a well-rounded graphic skill set.

Jessie Gresley-Jones, Planner II | City Design Studio Planning, Urban Design & Sustainability | City of Vancouver