Acknowledgements: McAllister Research, Peter Jubb, Andrew Smith.

  • Brand Innovation
  • Marketing Campaign


BoConcept requested Dennis Boyle to develop a new campaign that would aim to increase foot traffic to the Vancouver, Canada retail store. Boyle partnered with McAllister Research, Peter Jubb and Andrew Smith to build the campaign. After uncovering key information from opinion research, analyzing the market and buyer, as well as carefully assessing the store’s actual location, the team proposed a strategically placed outdoor print campaign in combination with Instagram.

BoConcept and its stores are about excellent European (Danish) furniture, furniture knowledge, and fostering ongoing customer relationships. While BoConcept is an international name, it is relatively new to Vancouver and the research uncovered that the market was not highly aware of the brand or the store. To help increase awareness, the campaign chose to reveal to the consumer what ‘Bo’ means – which is ‘Home’. By intentionally showcasing key Vancouver settings and familiar sites (their home), infused the with a series of catchy phrases, a number of positive interpretations and affirmations were enabled for the brand, and how it cared about the consumer’s ‘home’. The conceptual framework for the campaign was put in place for the retailer. Bo loves Vancouver!