BCSLA: the figure-ground relationship – public space in relation to structure & surroundings.

Acknowledgements: Blair Guppy; Joe Fry; Doug Shearer; Dave Hutch; Jeff Cutler

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Identity


Landscape architecture is now an integral voice in city planning, and how our public spaces function as a whole. Large-scale solutions being developed by the profession, and the overall growth of its governing body necessitated a new mark for the Society. Being inspired by the inherent figure-ground relationship of the profession – how public space relates to structure and surroundings – the Society’s acronym was abstracted to suggest the duality of form and space. The overall shape of the logotype infers the ground plane, coastal mountains, and landscape.


As President – 2008/2009 – of the Board of Directors, I personally oversaw the selection of Dennis Boyle to develop a new logo for the BC Society of Landscape Architects (BCSLA). Dennis took the Board and Identity working group through a concise and articulate process that resulted in a unique and professional product. Dennis provided personal support throughout the process providing detail presentation materials and advice that assisted in communicating both the process, and the product, to the Board and Membership.

The product developed for the re-branded “BCSLA” exceeded the Board’s expectations in providing a clean, recognizable, and ’21st Century’ identity. My involvement with Dennis throughout the project was both professional and personable and left me feeling confident in our Board’s selection. With an attention to detail and craft that stands strong against others of similar training, it is without hesitation that I would stand behind my recommendation of Dennis’ work ethic and personable professionalism

Blair Guppy, Landscape Architect ASLA BCSLA
West 8 New York