Landeca: How would an identity mark suggest 'building on – and giving back' to the land and community?

Acknowledgements: Michael Dingle; Barnett Newman (1905 - 1970) Vir Heroicus Sublimis - 1951

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Focussing on superior customer service, sustainable practice and a genuine affection for the land, Landeca came to Dennis Boyle for how to brand a progressive company that had a big vision for property services and property owners. How could a mark signal building on, and giving back to the land and community? The introduction of a dynamic and rhythmic mark that used pure geometric lines captured both the closed-loop thinking of Landeca and its big-picture thinking. The memorable Landeca mark is now a signal for quality service, 100% customer satisfaction in property service and environmental responsibility.

The growing success of the company required marketing  from 2005 – 2013. Pure messaging and the repetition of an identifiable graphic language was used for on and offline campaigns. Landeca’s voice in the property services market was established through direct mail, full page magazine spreads, and the sponsoring of events. Always on-brand, the advertising had pick-up value, was evocative, and articulated the heart of the progressive company.


Finding the right design consultant is difficult and companies in the development stages are at risk if the proper team is not in place. Landeca was a start-up company in 2004 and I contacted Dennis Boyle.

Investing in our brand was necessary for the overall success of our business and our new identity brought immediate value to our venture. Our stakeholders know our logomark was designed specifically for us and it reflects our mission and our values; our clients are often impressed and intrigued by our business identity and marketing materials. Dennis takes his work seriously and continues to learn more about our company at each turn. We trust your insights and are impressed by your unique way of involving us in the creative process.

Michael Dingle CEO
Landeca Group of Companies